May 032012

1) What did the graffiti say on the Hawaiian Tropic billboard by the freeway?

2) What was in D-FENS’s briefcase?

3) What was the name of the stripper hired for Prendergast?

4) What film did D-FENS say he was making before blowing up the street?

5) How did Forsythe die?   (Hint: Forsythe was a police officer.)

6) What year was D-FENS rolling back Mr. Lee’s prices to?

7) What was the name of Prendergast’s wife?

8) How many people were in the car involved in the drive-by on D-FENS?

9) What color was Adele’s squirt gun?

10) What was the name of the golf course Frank died on?

11) How late was D-FENS for breakfast?

12) What did Prendergast give Adele to eat on the pier?

13) What year was the photo of Bill, Beth, and Adele taken?

14) What type of restaurant did Prendergast and Sandra go to?

15) How many children were there in the back yard barbecue party?


Answers are below the cut. Highlight to view.

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